Our social impact is encouraging the active inclusion of persons with disabilities and their families in society and women’s leadership in the workplace and community. 

Social Impact Assessment is analysing, monitoring and managing the social consequences of development... Awareness of the differential distribution of impacts among different groups in society, and particularly the impact burden experienced by vulnerable groups in the community should always be of prime concern.
International Association of Impact Assessment

Behavior Change Model:

The workshop uses a behavior change wheel model to target its social impact on an individual and community level.1 We then measure its progress toward its goal of encouraging active inclusion of persons with disabilities and their families in society and women's leadership in the workplace and community throughout Greater Accra, Ghana.

On an individual level, the workshop seeks behavioral change among primary stakeholders, who are workers and persons in the community who benefit directly from its services. These interventions include educational experiences that occur from people with different abilities working together, active training on issues of inclusion and leadership, and enablement to support primary stakeholders in exercising these behaviors in the workshop and community.

On a community level, the workshop supports behavioral change by serving as a model for other employers in the region and through persuasion by using this model in local advocacy efforts about inclusion and women's leadership.

Individual Level Impact:

Community Level Impact: