May 2017

1) Pictures & Video

2) Description of Activities

A. MFC Tie-Dye Inc. Holds First Board Meeting and Files for Incorporation

MFC Tie-Dye Inc. files for incorporation in the state of Minnesota as a non-profit corporation with three founding board members - DL Lundberg, Sarah Bibbey, and Dr. Julia Whitcavitch-DeVoy. Our first board meeting was held on May 29, 2017, and minutes from the meeting were uploaded to our website under publications.

B. Cloth-Maker Graduates from Six-Month Training & Receives Grant

After six-months of training, our cloth-maker graduated from her training program. A small graduation ceremony was held and a certificate presented. She was awarded 1000 GHS as a start-up grant with 500 GHS in follow-up after one-month if she demonstrated that she started a business. There was some confusion over the grant schedule, and the cloth-maker expressed to the workshop manager that it would be better for her to receive the full amount all at once, which the workshop manager disagreed with. Moving forward, we discussed giving the business creation grant in the form of goods purchased for the recipient, and most importantly, having the workshop sign a grant agreement form with a clear schedule before starting the program.

C. Expansion of Knitting Program to Include Parents

The knitting program grew by one member. We developed a preliminary partnership with The Epicentre, a center for children with disabilities in New Gbawe, Ghana about one hour away from the workshop. Both the founder and the workshop manager have past experiences with the center. One of the parents expressed interest in learning the sewing and knitting and using this as an income generation to provide a scholarship support for her child, who receives services at the center. After interviewing her and approving her application to the program, the workshop manager trained her over one-and-a-half weeks in the knitting techniques. She received a transport stipend and was provided a loom and some yarn to begin production after completing the training. 

D. Refer a Friend & Get a Free Headband Promotion

As part of the continued evolution of our website and social media presences, we developed a promotion called 'refer a friend and get a free headband.' By adding a plug-in to our Shopify website, we developed a sharing system where visitors could click share, share our website via social media or email, and if someone clicked on the link and made a purchase, they would automatically be emailed a coupon code. We also printed this offer on 1000 MFC business cards for use during in-person marketing.

3) Expenses, Materials & Products


  • Workshop Expenses This Month: 6903.25 GHS

Materials Purchased:

  • 40 Secondhand Cotton T-Shirts
  • 90 Secondhand Jackets & Sweatshirts
  • 172 Recycled Paper Tags
  • 18 GHS (4.50 USD) Tie-Dyes & Activating Chemicals

Products Shipped:

No products were shipped this month.

4) Sales, Sustainability & Scale

Monthly Sales:

  • Number of Distinct Customers: 3
  • Sales: 137.32 USD

Sustainability Progress:

  • Total Funds Provided This Year: 9,139.39 USD or 37,023.86 GHS
  • Total Workshop Expenses This Year: 35,839.93 GHS
  • Total Funds Provided since Onset: 26,353.20 USD 
  • Total Grants Received since Onset: 3,000.00 USD 
  • Total Sales Made since Onset: 1,807.75 USD
  • Financial Progress since Onset: -21,545.45 USD

Current Scale:

  • 1 Manager
  • 3 Seamstresses / Tailors
  • 2 Cloth-Makers (1 Graduate, 1 Current Participant)
  • 1 Apprentice
  • 1 Taxi Driver
  • 3 Knitters / Tag-Makers