March 2017

1) Pictures & Video

2) Description of Activities

A. Manager Participates in Basic Computer Skills Training Course

Matilda participated in a one-month informational technology training course to teach her basic computer typing and document management skills. We funded this course as part of her on-going leadership development to support her in taking on responsibility and management of this project and to gain skills for project documentation.

B. Project Evaluates its Branding and Makes Changes to Logo & Name

Up to this date, we referred to our project as the "Matilda Flow Co." Now that the project was reaching a larger-scale and focused on marketing, we re-evaluated our name and branding. After many discussions between future board members, we decided that the name "Matilda Flow Co." was not an ideal name for us because the word "flow" was confusing to customers. The project name also did not directly suggest fashion. For this reason, we decided to abbreviate "Matilda Flow Co." as "MFC" and change our project name to "MFC Tie-Dye" since tie-dye is a unifying theme running between all of our programs, products, and sales efforts.

C. Re-Evaluation of Marketing Plan, Website Design & Sales Channels

After conducting further research on marketing and branding, we selected a tagline of "tie-dye for the spirit and mind" for the project. We also identified "ethical, impactful, and inclusive" as three key descriptors for MFC Tie-Dye. To expand sales, we decided that getting our products on Amazon was a key objective. However, before we could pursue this, it was necessary to take high-quality product photos against a solid background and purchase SKU numbers to meet Amazon seller requirements.

D. Workshop Begins Using Jacket Scraps for Pet Mats

Though the workshop was already using fabric scraps to make accessories, we found that scraps from the secondhand jacket and sweatshirt used for zippers were a source of fabric waste. Thus, the workshop started using these materials as padding for laptop cases and backpacks and also as the main material for manufacturing pet mats.

E. Recognition of Workshop as Non-Governmental Organization in Ghana

The workshop's application for status as a non-governmental organization in Ghana known as the Matilda Flow Inclusion Foundation was successful. The foundation receives its formal registration documents and certificates to start business.

3) Expenses, Materials & Products


  • Workshop Expenses This Month: 7046.00 GHS

Materials Purchased:

  • 165 Secondhand Cotton T-Shirts
  • 60 Secondhand Jackets & Sweatshirts
  • 31 Bamboo Backpack Clips
  • 208 Recycled Paper Tags
  • 301 GHS (75.25 USD) Tie-Dyes & Activating Chemicals

Products Shipped:

  • 19 - Old Observations - Jackets (4 sets of sizes 2-5 and 3 in size 6)
  • 10 - Don't Be Dull - Bow-Ties (1 set of extra-large)
  • 24 - A Million Castles - 3/4 Trousers (4 sets in sizes 1-6)
  • 3 - Wisdom Fish - Shoulder Bag
  • 4 - Angles - Pairs of Knitted Mittens 
  • 10 - Spiritual Pom-Pom - Knitted Hats

4) Sales & Sustainability Progress

Monthly Sales:

  • Number of Distinct Customers: 3
  • Sales: 81.83 USD

Sustainability Progress:

  • Total Funds Provided This Year: 4,782.42 USD or 19,614.12 GHS
  • Total Workshop Expenses This Year: 21,408.68 GHS
  • Total Funds Provided since Onset: 21,996.23 USD
  • Total Grants Received since Onset: 3,000.00 USD
  • Total Sales Made since Onset: 1,670.43 USD
  • Financial Progress since Onset: -17,325.8 USD

Current Scale:

  • 1 Manager
  • 3 Seamstresses / Tailors
  • 1 Cloth-Maker
  • 1 Apprentice
  • 1 Taxi Driver
  • 2 Knitters / Tag-Makers