June 2017

1) Pictures & Video

2) Description of Activities

A. First Community Skills Training Program at the Workshop

Responding to a perceived need among many women in the community around the workshop, the workshop manager developed a skills training program at the workshop  open to community members. Targeting unemployed women looking for a handiwork to generate some income, the program taught soap-making and basic tie-dye skills. Eight women from the community attended the program, which occurred on a Thursday morning and was advertised by word-of-mouth and at local churches. This program provides the workshop manager and workers with a leadership opportunity to impart their skills and talents to other members of the community who can benefit. The workshop manager expresses a desire to continue the programs on a monthly basis. 

B. Construction of Covered Space for Cloth-Making Work

Upon graduation from the cloth-making program, our first cloth-maker was interviewed to provide feedback on the program as a whole. One of her main feedbacks was that she wanted a designated shaded cloth-making area to do the work. Responding to this request, the workshop constructed and expanded porch to include a covered area and table for the cloth-maker to work. 

C. Improved Durable Stitching on Heavily-Used Products

With MFC products in the market for several months now and seeing their durability over time among friends of the project, we made the decision to reinforce some of our more heavily used products such as pants and bags with double-stiching to reduce any holes developing at the seams. This feedback was sent to the workshop manager, who recommended double-stitching as a means of ensuring durability of products. All products starting in June 2017 are made with double-stiching at load-bearing seams.

3) Expenses, Materials & Products


  • Workshop Expenses This Month: 8517.25 GHS

Materials Purchased:

  • 158 Secondhand Cotton T-Shirts
  • 84 Recycled Paper Tags
  • 530 GHS (132.50 USD) Tie-Dyes & Activating Chemicals

Products Shipped:

  • 5 - It's Rainbow - Backpacks
  • 19 - MFC Classic - T-Shirts (5 sets in sizes S, M, L, XL)
  • 3 - Old Observations - Jackets (2 sets in sizes 2 and 6)
  • 15 - Bad Behavior - Sweatshirts (1-4 sets in sizes 1-6)
  • 10 - Dreams Don't Fit Easy - Backpack
  • 14 - Bagel Shop - Jackets (1-4 sets in sizes 1-6)
  • 21 - Skyline & Swoon - Pencil Cases (2 styles)
  • 20 - Angles - Pairs of Mittens 
  • 10 - Spiritual Pom-Pom - Children Hats
  • 5 - Five A.M. - Handbags

4) Sales, Sustainability & Scale

Monthly Sales:

  • Number of Distinct Customers: 0
  • Sales: 0 USD

Sustainability Progress:

  • Total Funds Provided This Year: 11,139.37 USD or 45,136.39 GHS
  • Total Workshop Expenses This Year: 28,936.68 GHS
  • Total Funds Provided since Onset: 28,353.18 USD
  • Total Grants Received since Onset: 3,000.00 USD
  • Total Sales Made since Onset: 1,807.75 USD
  • Financial Progress since Onset: -23,545.43 USD

Current Scale:

  • 1 Manager
  • 3 Seamstresses / Tailors
  • 2 Cloth-Makers (1 Graduate, 1 Current Participant)
  • 1 Apprentice
  • 1 Taxi Driver
  • 3 Knitters / Tag-Makers
  • 8 Community Program Participants