April 2017

1) Pictures & Video

2) Description of Activities

A. Professional Product Photo-Shoot

A photo-shoot was conducted in Portland, Oregon with two volunteer models to yield higher-quality product shots against a plain background. A photo release form was developed and signed. The photos were then editing using photoshop to remove the backgrounds and enhance the lightening and cropping of the product. The purpose of this product photo-shoot was to produce better images to improve sales conversions on our website and improve our chances of getting onto other sales channels such as Amazon, which have strict photo requirements.

B. Change in Product Logo Embroidery

Following-up on our branding and logo work from last month, we talked to the workshop about changing our logo design and placement on products. Having a larger, more distinguishable logo was considered important for increased brand recognition and marketing efforts. Previously, the workshop was having a professional embroiderer come every two weeks to use the workshop's embroidering machine to embroider a circle containing white "MFC" letters onto each product. This was not ideal because the contractor was charging fifty cents per product and was also outside of our target populations. This logo was also not easily visible on products. We did some brainstorming and came up with a solution - tie-dyeing pieces of rainbow fabric and then cutting out large "MFC" letters and sewing those onto products. After some prototypes and determining that a small amount of product glue would be necessary to keep the letters from sliding, the workshop manager implemented the logo change.

C. Ghana Post Shipping Price Increase

The workshop manager informed us that Ghana Post, the main shipping company from Ghana to the United States and other countries worldwide had raised their prices substantially. The price increases meant about 30-50% more per box shipped. We conducted an analysis of our other shipping options, which include Fedex, UPS, and DHL companies, which we knew from previous inquiries were two or three times more expensive. We made a number of inquiries at shipping companies at the port, who ship barges to the US, but we were unable to find a company that was willing to accept our small boxes since freight shipping is largely for bulk items. Also, freight shipping is extremely slow and would require months at sea and in processing at the port.

3) Expenses, Materials & Products


  • Workshop Expenses This Month: 7528.00 GHS

Materials Purchased:

  • 210 Secondhand Cotton T-Shirts
  • 45 Secondhand Jackets & Sweatshirts
  • 41 Recycled Paper Tags
  • 192 GHS (48.00 USD) Tie-Dyes & Activating Chemicals

Products Shipped:

  • 20 - Speed 45 - Laptop & Tablet Case (5 sets in sizes 1-4)
  • 6 - Wisdom Fish - Shoulder Bags
  • 10 - Walking at Midnight - Small Shoulder Bags
  • 20 - You've Got Me Now - Laptop & Tablet Case (5 sets in sizes 1-4)
  • 10 - Try to Reminisce - Small Backpack
  • 20 - Fuzz - Bow-Ties (5 sets in sizes 1-4)
  • 15 - Patience + Dynamite - Headband
  • 16 - Pride - Trousers (2-4 sets in sizes 1-6)


4) Sales, Sustainability & Scale

Monthly Sales:

  • Number of Distinct Customers: 0
  • Sales: 0 USD

Sustainability Progress:

  • Total Funds Provided This Year: 6,915.40 USD or 28,172.05 GHS
  • Total Workshop Expenses This Year: 28,936.68 GHS
  • Total Funds Provided since Onset: 24,129.21 USD
  • Total Grants Received since Onset: 3,000.00 USD
  • Total Sales Made since Onset: 1,670.43 USD
  • Financial Progress since Onset: -19,458.78 USD

Current Scale:

  • 1 Manager
  • 3 Seamstresses / Tailors
  • 1 Cloth-Maker
  • 1 Apprentice
  • 1 Taxi Driver
  • 2 Knitters / Tag-Makers