DL Lundberg

Founder and Director of Research & Design for MFC Tie-Dye Inc.

Brief Biography:

DL Lundberg is a social activist, who believes in the power of sustainable business to catalyze lasting social changes. In Ghana, DL has been active for three years - as a researcher and founder of a collection of projects known as the Ghana Strong Initiative, which evolved into MFC Tie-Dye Inc. DL's research has focused on the experiences of people with disabilities and different abilities in Ghana - especially on the human impact of social discrimination and service inaccessibility - serving as lead researcher on the Portraits of Ability project. DL holds a B.S. in Biochemistry from Boston College and is from Minneapolis, Minnesota. In the US, DL works as a behavior technician for children and young adults on the autism spectrum and is currently pursuing a master's in public health at Boston University.

Other Affiliations:

  • Co-Director, Matilda Flow Inclusion Foundation