Analysis of Intellectual Wellness

Workers gain new and improved technical skills and find their crafts challenging. Specifically, the seamstresses and tailors describe learning many new sewing styles and techniques. One seamstress admitted that before this job, “How to sew trousers and men’s clothes actually, I had not seen any of that before. The bags we do – all of the things that we do here, I had not seen them before, but now I have the skills to do those things.”

Workers are exposed to other skills outside of their specific jobs and express interest in learning and practicing these skills as well. For example, the seamstresses described “wanting to learn the tie-dye making and the liquid soap” that is taught at community programs. The tailor “really wants to learn the cutting of the clothing,” which the manager is currently mostly responsible for. The current cloth-maker described her interest in learning how to be an effective marketer for her products before she graduates from the program, and the graduated cloth-maker described learning “how to relate to people and how to plan for [her] life” as a result of the mentorship she received during the cloth-making program.