Analysis of Occupational Wellness

Workers find fulfillment in the skilled and artistic nature of the sewing work. As one of the knitters with a physical disability put it, “I enjoy weaving because it gets me busy. It keeps my whole mind and eyes busy.” One tailor expressed a specific fondness for producing the shoulder bags and backpacks – “when I’m sewing the bags, my spirit goes high; it makes me so happy.” The graduated cloth-maker also explained that “what I enjoy most is mixing the colors and branding the fabric to attract customers.”

The manager and workers report having fun during the workday and having some extra income for recreation or rest activities. The manager stated, “I enjoy working with people, and people with disabilities are very special people. You need to be extra appreciate of them, and when you understand them, you see that they are very good people you can mingle with. I really have when I’m with them too.” The knitter added, “With the financial impact, it has been fun and encouraging.” The apprentice with a developmental disability added that she enjoys “coloring the tags and sewing” and “playing around in the area.”

Most workers have developed clear action plans toward evolving their work into an independent business in the next three years. Both of the knitters discussed their desire to make tie-and-dye yarn at-home and diversify their product lines for sale in the local community along with actions they’ve taken toward this goal – “We are making advertisements… [for products] to be sold in the market – table cloths, stuffed animals, a mango fruit made out of the yarn, trying to develop some new products.” All of the seamstresses and tailors expressed a desire to build their own workshop in three years. The tailor discussed saving every month toward buying a container to establish his own shop. As the seamstress with a physical disability said, “I want to get a workshop where I can own my own land and build there… I have a savings and have been saving something.”